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Combining various textures and flavours in pure, refined, exhilarating culinary delights, Deer Duck Bistro invites you to a journey of innovative and deeply satisfying culinary adventure. Hidden away in a little suburb known as Auchenflower, Deer Duck Bistro brings a unique fine dining and degustation experience, serving up degustation menus in a quirky and artistic environment, thoughtfully decorated with French Renaissance furniture, old silver cutlery, crystal whiskey decanters and antique paintings.

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New Degustation Menu

If you haven’t heard of Deer Duck Bistro, well, it’s understandable. Tucked away in the quiet ‘burb of Auchenflower, it’s been flying under the radar for a few years now, quietly dishing up some of the most impressive feeds in town from an unremarkable corner on Milton Road. But we’re here to tell you that you definitely need to check it out—and preferably soon, so you can sample their brand new spring-inspired menu…

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